PROJECTOR (29.09.18)

29 September 2018
HAAR // Montevideostraat 5 // 2000 Antwerpen

PROJECTOR creates sensory interactions between music and image with the emphasis on experiment and innovation, both in form and content. The festival invites local and international talent on and off stage to interact with the audience.


On Saturday 29 September, the third edition of the audiovisual festival PROJECTOR will be held at HAAR. During this visual art event we create a platform for VJs, audiovisual artists, musicians and artists to showcase new tendencies within the world of the projected image.




Monomono (live) // Geran Knol + Senne Schotelantenne + Inge Cornil  (live)

Avondlicht ( live) // Joëlle Dubois + Wouter Steel (live)

Rival Consoles (Live) Ryan Lee West, producer, UK // Robert Raths (Visual artist and founder of the Erased Tapes Label)

Sagat (Live) // NATCHE (Visual artist, Antwerp)

Stellar Om Source (Christelle Gualdi, Frans-Italiaanse producer en DJ) // Vincent Van Dijck



Elke Desutter
Bram Lattré
Gertjan Biasino


Zaterdag 29 september 2018
Opening expo + deuren vanaf 21u30
Montevideostraat 5 // 2000 Antwerpen


Click here to read the interview with the festivals curators Natalie Meeusen, Line Pillet and Daniela Castro Ramirez.