PERSPECTIEF II : Dwaalgast (10-27.08.17)

August 10 - 27, 2017
GAST // Oude Beurs Hofstraat 15 // 2000 Antwerpen

From August 10 till August 27, we open the doors of our multidisciplinary showroom at the Oude Beurs on the occasion of DWAALGAST: a collaboration between visual artist Axel Goossens, installation and performance artist Maika Garnica and musicians Aiko Devriendt and Inne Eysermans.

For three weeks, they show us an audiovisual chronicle of the unannounced death of thousands of snow geese who tragically lost their lives in Montana (USA) last year. The geese were being forced to make a stopover during their migratory flight down south at Berkeley Pit – a lake full of toxins and heavy metals.

In an old stone quarry in Germany, four artists translated the fate of these birds with homemade ceramic instruments. On August 10, during a one-off performance, the collected and processed sounds will interact with various ceramic objects and live electronics. In addition, the resonances and sound recordings were converted into audiovisual installations that will be exhibited until August 27.

The four promising makers use the performance DWAALGAST to give sound and colour to the illustrated poetry collection PLUIMGEWICHT published earlier this year.

Musical performance DWAALGAST: August 10 at 8pm
€5 // doors will be open from 7pm

Exposition DWAALGAST: 10/08- 27/08
Open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12h till 18h

// Oude Beurs, Hofstraat 15, 2000 Antwerpen //


In collaboration with art collective HET DEBUUT, we organize the artistic project PERSPECTIEF: a sustainable and process-oriented research in which artists are challenged to interact with each other through their specific disciplines. They reflect on issues that are relevant within the current art context.

In the illustrated poetry collection “PLUIMGEWICHT”, two poets and two illustrators sought out the tension between image and word. DWAALGAST is the second stage of PERSPECTIEF. In the third phase, the creative process of the makers will be put in the spotlight. In doing so, filmmaker Constanze Wouters records the entire trajectory in front of the viewer. During DWAALGAST she shows a preview of her visual research.


Thanks to HET DEBUUT, Stad Antwerpen and GAST.