EXPO // NON PLUS ULTRA (30.06-16.07.17)

June 30 - July 16, 2017
GAST // Oude Beurs Hofstraat 15 // 2000 Antwerpen

Illustrative artists Juliane Noll, Maureen Pieters and Senne Claes, from the young art collective NON PLUS ULTRA, reside at the Oude Beurs from Friday 30 June with the exhibition “A blind man’s souvenirs“. For three weeks, they sketch the world perceived by and in the eyes of “the blind man” – a character from Elias Canetti’s book The Ear Witness.


Where does “the blind” go to? What does he see during his journey? And what meaning do his photos get? Using murals, video images, slides and illustrations, the artists show an image of “the blind” from his perception of the world. Unlike ordinary people, where habituation quickly occurs, “the blind” always regards his surroundings as an exotic and undiminished enchanting destination.


Approved by Juliane Noll, NON PLUS ULTRA is taking over the Oude Beurs as one of the residents at GAST (e) this summer. They organize three projects (in particular an exhibition, theater piece and music performance) in which mutual pollination between art disciplines is key. The book ‘The Ear Witness’ by Elias Canetti, in which fifty absurd figures are described, forms the common thread. With “A blind man’s souvenirs” the recent graduates (St. Lucas, Antwerp) Claes, Pieters and Noll bring the character of “the blind man” to life.


Juliane Noll: www.behance.net/JulianeNoll
Maureen Pieters: www.instagram.com/morripieters/
Senne Claes: www.senneclaes.com


VERNISSAGE: Friday June 30, 20h – 24h
FINISSAGE: Sunday July 16, 12h – 18h
Open every Saturday and Sunday from 12h till 18h

GAST // Oude Beurs
Hofstraat 15
2000 Antwerpen


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