3 YEARS OF KOP // VINYL EXPO (02.09.16)

September 2, 2016
KOP Artspace // Grote Goddaard 36 // 2000 Antwerpen

On Friday September 2, we celebrate the three-year anniversary of KOP with a vinyl exhibition in our Artspace at Grote Goddaard 36. We selected thirty artists from KOP’s creative past, present and future and asked them to design a record cover for their favorite LP. During the exposition, both the original covers and the reinterpreted versions will be there to admire.

Since 2013, KOP vzw is all about the presentation and support of artists from different art disciplines. For three years, we have surrounded ourselves with great artists, young entrepreneurs and omnipotent artists. Located at our creative co-working space KOPLAND at Amerikalei 128, we offer support for young talent as well as more established names ​​in the art profession. The KOP Artspace is a presentation platform at Grote Goddaard, where you’re welcome to attend numerous exhibitions, info sessions and other artistic activities.


On Friday September 2, we open the doors of our vinyl exposition. Prepare yourself to admire some artistic delights by, among others, Charlotte Dumortier, Pointdextr, Rein Vincke, Joao Sineiro, Kevin Cuyt, Jos Verwer, Jango Jim, Maud Van Haegenborgh, Cazzimir Meulemans, Agnes Schneidewind, Sfun , Dries Van Doorn, Karen Vantvelt, Marie Charlot Vleminckx, Natche, Gil Guerra, Tomás Opinião and last but not least, house illustrator and designer El Neoray!


You can expect a lot of record sleeves, matching music, good company and a generous amount of booze.

Our Artspace is also open from 2pm till 6pm on September 3, 4, 8, 9, 10 and 11.


3 YEARS OF KOP // Vinyl expo

Vernissage: Friday September 2, 20h

Open: Thursday to Sunday until September 11 from 14h till 18h

KOP Artspace, Grote Goddaard 36, 2000 Antwerpen.


Thanks to Stad Antwerpen // Vedett