3 maart 2018
KOPLAND // Amerikalei 128 // 2000 Antwerpen

Stijn Kums (ACV) will host an illuminating lecture about the ‘status of artist’ for those looking to develop their creative ventures. In order to expedite your quest from a starving artist to a creative livelihood,

Kums will guide you past legal, administrative and other pertinent matters. We also invited the upcoming theater director Julie Cafmeyer for an enlightening chat about her own experiences in the field and the foundation of her vzw Wildlife Protection.

Lecture by Stijn Kums (ACV)

Artist talk by Julie Cafmeyer (Bombastische Liefdesverklaring)

Location: KOPLAND // Amerikalei 128 // Antwerp
Date: 03 maart 2018
Time: 11u – 14u