10 februari 2018
Het BOS // Ankerrui 5 - 7 // 2000 Antwerpen

During our first lecture of the new year, Wim Schreurs will provide a broad overview of the current legal and business principles in the film industry. Specialised in the maze that is copyright, Schreurs will focus on such aspects as copyright clearance, distribution and other important subjects you need to keep in mind, whether you’re working on a short film, a documentary or the next blockbuster.

Afterwards, Director Hans van Nuffel will talk about his own struggles, navigating his way through the legal and administrative landscape.


Lecture by Wim Schreurs (Copyright lawyer, docent VUB)
Artist talk by Hans van Nuffel (Adem, Equator)
Language: Dutch


Location: Het Bos // Ankerrui 5-7 // Antwerp
Date: 10 februari 2018
Time: 11u – 14u