Zirkstraat 36, 2000 Antwerpen

How can we maintain the lust for drawing we had as a child? That question defines Tekenpudding, the drawing festival of illustrators Charlotte Dumortier and Shamisa Debroey (Fameus) and Daniela Castro Ramirez (KOP). Together, they unfold an extensive program of carnival madness, throwing paint and ofcourse, inspiring stories.

Ladies, how will this second edition of Tekenpudding look like?

Daniela: Apart from the fair, the zine-market and the group expo, we invited speakers and we’ll organize workshops. This year there will be a literary part in the festival, thus we’ll get more room for graphic novel and spoken word.

Charlotte: Shamisa and I make Yum Yum zines together, drawing zines in which we like to work very playful. Our crazy spirit and the pleasure of working together is something we wanted to bring together in Tekenpudding. Visitors will get the chance to discover new zine editions, but mostly play with images and language themselves.

Too often drawing is perceived as high brow art. At our festival we are lowering the threshold.

Shamisa: Drawing is a discipline that doesn’t get enough attention. It’s too often perceived as high brow art. At our festival, we are lowering the threshold. Fameus pays attention to leisure artists and KOP knows what starting professional artists need. Together, they are an interesting group. Fameus’ project De Connectie (The Connection), in which newcomers are linked to art projects in the city, will also be repredented at Tekenpudding. Newcomers who like drawing will be actively be involved in the festival. We’re also aware of diversity regarding gender, background, art forms and age.

Who’s coming this year?

Charlotte: Publishers such as Boycott Books, Wobby, Oogachtend and Bries will give new insights. A varied group of artists and authors will take the stage, including Spaniard Manuel Marsol and our own Frederik Van den Stock. We are also very happy with our main guest. Knetterijs is a Dutch collective whose members combine techniques such as woodcut and screen printing in their booklets. We’re honored that they’ll exhibit their work at Tekenpudding

We want people to come home with dirty pants.

Shamisa: We work as illustrators ourselves and every year we travel to a couple of European festivals. But we often miss the colorful craziness that we strive for in our work. We want to get the participants out of their comfort zone and introduce them to talented artists and authors, but above all, we want them to come home with dirty pants.

Charlotte: We want to reach amateur artists and professionals, but also people who are not at all involved with art. We want to get all the visitors in the mood with various drawing games and workshops by Atelier van de Zon, cartoonist Dennis Mariën and Loods des Doods. The context must be accessible, but high-quality!

Can you also make a fair stall yourself?

Shamisa: We have issued an Open Call. Anyone who has an idea for a creative fair stall can submit their idea before August 18. You just have to be able to make your own stall. €300 are provided per stand to cover the participants’ time and material investment. The entries are selected by ourselves, illustrator Dieter De Schutter and visual artists Fleur De Roeck and Karen Spiessens. Everyone is welcome, we are very open minded and most of all we want to be surprised!