NATE HARRIS (US) // SUB URBAN (29.06.2018 – 01.07.2018)

29 june - 1 july 2018
KOP Artspace // Amerikalei 128 // Antwerpen

We are very thrilled to welcome Nate Harris to our Artspace in June. The exhibition SUB URBAN presents a series of works underlining Harris’ observations on geographic influence, investigating how past and present environments are represented in his art.  

residency & exhibition

Harris’ first solo exhibition in Antwerp will present a series of drawings, paintings and prints, created in both Nate’s hometown of Philadelphia and during his residency in Antwerp, and offer the opportunity to further explore this dichotomy. As the familiarity of the hometown becomes interrupted, influences of a new sense of place come into play.

Nate Harris is currently a member of the art collective Space 1026 in Philadelphia and has been commissioned by clients such as Penguin Books, Philadelphia Museum of Art and Adobe.

Harris divides his time between woodworking printmaking and illustration, approaching each project with a unique combination of disciplines. Read more about how he upcycled old skateboards as a woodblock to make sick printed decks in this article on


Residency: 19 – 29 june 2018

Opening exhibition: 29 June, 19-22h
Opening hours: Saturday 30 June  & Sunday 1 July, 13-18h

Location: KOP Artspace // Amerikalei 128 // Antwerpen