PATRICK RANDALL BOURCHIER (AUS) // WORKS. 2018. (27.07.2018 – 29.07.2018)

27 juli 2018 - 29 juli 2018
KOPLAND // Amerikalei 128 // 2000 Antwerpen

Patrick Randall Bourchier is a fun loving human who loves to take photographs and  spend  time with friends around the globe. He has been fortunate enough to take many overseas projects in the last 10 years and thus has made many a friend. And many a photograph.


Growing up skating in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, he has developed a love for the streets and alleys and of the beauty and detritus held within.
This is where a bulk of his work is taken. 

From time to time he likes to show photographs in a gallery, sit back with a beer and judge the fashions of all who pass by…

His last show was in Melbourne where everybody dresses in the dark.

Hopefully Antwerp will be better.

Kanye will be there.

Welcome everybody.
Welcome all.




KOP welcomes everybody to join the opening day BBQ, because what better way to pay hommage to the Aussie way of life than by grilling up some meat! We’ll give you a good deal on the cocktails and salads if you bring your own roadkill


WORKS. 2018.

Exhibition opening BBQ: Friday July 27, 19-23h

Gallery opening hours: Saturday July 28 and Sunday July 29, 14-18h

KOP Artspace // Amerikalei 128 // Antwerp