KOPLAB // CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT // Zena Van den Block X Ramiro De Backer Mezquida

Residency: 03.10 - 24.10 Opening: 25.10 Expo: 26.10 - 10.11
KOP Artspace // Amerikalei 128 // 2000 Antwerpen

KOP invites Zena Van den Block and Ramiro De Backer Mezquida to participate in our KOPLAB, an experimental mutual residency which leads to an exhibition in our KOP Artspace.

Zena and Ramiro met during their sculpture studies. Yet they are much more than just sculptors. They believe that the idea of an artwork transcends the medium in which it is captured. The exhibition ‘CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT’ is the result of their collaboration and residency at KOP.
Besides some kitschy cultural references, you can expect contradictions in their work between what is real and what is fake.

You can read our interview with both artists right here.

Residency: 03.10 – 24.10
Opening: 25.10 from 7PM until 10PM
Expo: 26.10 – 10.11, 1PM – 6PM (on Saturday and Sunday)
Location: KOP Artspace, Amerikalei 128, Antwerp