May 18 - May 30 2018
KOPLAND // Amerikalei 128 // 2000 Antwerpen

For our next Koplabo we stumbled upon three gifted specimens. Artists Nathan Cha, Daphne Okon and Mathilde Timmerman based their collaboration around the idea of a sleeping entity, which they encountered in Kafka’s short story At Night. Their performance seeks to explore the interconnectedness of humans. Expect to feel a deep kinship or perhaps strangeness as you become one with the figure of the literal observer, set to guard the silent slumbering.


The exhibition GENERATION TRANSMUTATION revolves around the live performance. A dancer, unaware of the state of the public and interlinked in the course of a costume concept by Mathilde Timmerman, narrate their own interpretation of Kafka’s short story At Night. The live performance takes up the idea of growing comfortable with each other by being literally interlinked. One movement provokes a succeeding one and renders us all dependent on one another. In a way, the main course of action is a path into the future: by joining forces, co-existing in our circle(s), being mindful and aware of one another. Being in the moment. They are Generation Transmutation after all! Their definition of the future is trans-media, trans-thematic and trans-identity.


The accompanying installation, made by In Situ-student Emma van de Broeck, features photographic work of Daphne Okon, who captured the very essence of the dark and slightly sinister nature of the setting, and paintings by Nathan Cha, which illustrate a state of coexisting in a circle by placing ethereal bodies in relation to the spherical construction.


Residency: 1 – 17 May 2018
Opening Exhibition + live performance: 18 May 19-22h
Opening hours: friday-saturday-sunday 13-18h
Finissage: 31 May, 13-18h
Location: KOP Artspace // Amerikalei 128 // Antwerpen