EXPO // (Inter)national Affairs // ‘Onio’ (BR) x Rein Vyncke (BE) aka ‘Vagabundos’

03/12 - 19/12/2021
KOP Artspace, Amerikalei 128, 2000 Antwerpen

Join us in welcoming Adriano Cinelli “Onio” (BR) and Rein Vyncke (BE) aka “Vagabundos” for their duo exhibition and book launch of “Alphabet of What Lies Ahead”, a project inspired by the transformational times of the past two years and the uncertainty of human evolution.


Rein Vyncke will be exhibiting a series of paintings, delving into a more elemental and rebellious approach. “Onio”’s collages explore an explosive variety of colours, shapes and textures, blending aesthetics to trigger different areas of the mind. 

(Inter)national Affairs – 3

‘The Alphabet of what lies Ahead’



Brazil meets Belgium for this third edition of (Inter)national Affairs.

Join us in welcoming Adriano “Onio” Cinelli (BR) and Rein Vyncke (BE) aka “Vagabundos” for their duo exhibition “The Alphabet of what lies Ahead”, from 3 December until 19 December at KOP’s Artspace.

This merge of minds isn’t a new one: the book “The Alphabet of what lies Ahead”, which was created for the exhibition, comprises a collection of collages and drawings by longtime friends Cinelli and Vyncke. Inspired by the transformational and turbulent times of these past two years on the one hand, and by the uncertainty of human evolution in the times to come on the other, the book offers us a snapshot of future history. How will we look back at this era in twenty years?

The exhibition in KOP is a continuation of this thought process, with Rein Vyncke exhibiting a series of paintings based upon the drawings in the book, exploring a more elemental approach to creating, stripping it from unnecessary layers and expectations to stand out against our highly result driven society. An act of rebellion, if you will.

In contrast, “Onio”’s collages leave no room for blank spaces, but rather explore an almost explosive variety of colours, abstract shapes and textures, blending artificial and spontaneous aesthetics in the pursuit of triggering different areas of the mind.


Vernissage: 3/12/2021
Exhibition runs till 19/12/21.
Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 14h till 20h.
Bar open during the entire exhibition.