June 8 2018 - June 17 2018
KOPLAND // Amerikalei 128 // 2000 Antwerpen

We are proud to present the work of artist Elke De Schouwer at the beginning of the summer, just in time to rediscover your appreciation for the great outdoors!


The exhibition Paradise Lost portrays De Schouwer’s fascination for the classical landscape painting, which she uses as a point of departure to look at the present. With her balanced contemporary  esthetics, De Schouwer dwells upon these pastoral archetypes of men and women celebrating the beauty of nature. Her large canvases depict idillyc landscapes, colourful details and intimate scenes, expressing her ideas of humanity’s adherence to nature with nothing but lyrical grandeur.

Paradise Lost runs from the 8th of June until 17th of June.


Exhibition opening: Friday June 8, 19-22h
Opening hours: Saturdays – Sundays, 13-18h
Exhibition closing: Sunday June 17, 13-18h
Location: KOP Artspace // Amerikalei 128 // Antwerpen