BOYCOTT Book Launch & Expo // The spicy plum that became a doll (26 – 28.10.2018)

26 - 28 October 2018
KOP Artspace // Amerikalei 128 // 2000 Antwerp

Amsterdam based publishing house BOYCOTT Books has a weakness for contemporary illustration and bewildering stories. They have made their mission of combining the two in their graphic novels, always underpinned with a strong sense for adventure, humor and imagination.


KOP is very fortunate to host the launch of the new beautifully illustrated novel “De pittige pruim die een pop werd”. The novel, fluidly composed by author Vojtěch Mašek and illustrator Vojtěch Mašek, tells the exciting tale of a plum turned into a tree, turned into a wooden doll. The playful illustrations masterfully render the unique worlds of the characters into a page turner for young and old.





During the weekend of the book launch of ‘The spicy plum that became a doll’, BOYCOTT Publishers also presents OTISANEK, a film by legendary Czech stop-motion director Jan Svankmajer. Besides the fact that the book and the film star a piece of wood as the leading role and both are of Czech origin, Otisanek is above all a fantastic film that you must see!

Karel and Bozena would love to have a child but with no result. One day, Karel encounters a tree root in the garden that, to his surprise, looks a bit like a child. After some adjustments by Karel, Bozena sees in the brown monster the child she wishes with her whole heart and adopts it under the name Otik. Fueled Bozena’s maternal instincts, Otik comes alive wonderfully with an unprecedented appetite. Fate strikes when Bozena’s nourishment is not enough to satisfy Otik’s hunger and starts to violate his environment. Desperation comes close when Karel locks the monster in the cellar of Alzbetka, the girl next door, who is looking for a playmate.  Alzbetka liberates Otik and provides him with food. But then residents start to disappear.

BOYCOTT BOOK LAUNCH //  The spicy plum that became a doll

Chrudoš Valoušek & Vojtěch Mašek
Friday 26 October – Sunday 28 October

Jan Svankmajer
Saturday 27 oktober 19h
Dutch subtitles
126 minutes

KOP Artspace // Amerikalei 128 // Antwerpen