ART AUCTION 15.12.2018)

15 December 2018
KOP Artspace// Amerikalei 128 // 2000 Antwerp

Half a decade ago, in a fit of artistic charity, KOP was founded to provide a supportive platform for artists. To celebrate this joyful event on the one hand and to finance the survival of KOP on the other, we organize the very first KOP art auction on Saturday December 15th in our artspace.

Several artists, that have crossed our path along the years, have donated a work of his or her hand for the art auction. Under the expert eye of self-made auctioneer Bram Van Meervelde, all works of art will be sold by auction.

Thanks to a permanent team of volunteers and freelancers, KOP has been able to organize numerous exhibitions and other creative projects for the past five years. We also want to broaden the scope of KOP in the future by allowing local and international artists to collaborate and to exhibit cross-over projects in our artspace. In order to make these art projects possible in the future, we would like to ask your support in exchange for some premium art pieces!