EURONIOS CORNER: an exhibition by ONIO (Bra)


The Brazilian graffiti artist ONIO is touring this summer through Western Europe with his exhibition ‘Euronios Corner’. Inevitably, Antwerp is well worth a visit. Represented by non-profit organization KOP, ONIO will attend at the brand new arthouse RUBIA. Behold his work from 31 July till 3 August.

Already started marking the streets of Brasilia with his name at young age, ONIO became a prominent exponent of Brazilian graffiti. His authentic style called ‘infinitografia’ represents urban chaos. To digest his experiences from the city in his drawings and paintings, ONIO explores a wide variety of colours and lines to create abstract shapes.

On the second of August, ONIO will leave his graffitistamp in Antwerp. Together with renowned illustrators El Neoray and Vagabundos, the three of them will edit the street Kopstraatje, near Fish & Chips. Around 13h the graffitijam starts, with food, drinks and good vibes.

On Friday night July 31th at 19h, Rubiacollective opens their new arthouse RUBIA with ONIO’s exhibition ‘Euronios Corner’. If you don’t make it, don’t worry, you can admire his work till 3 August.

Euronios Corner on Facebook

ONIO on Tumblr


Flyer by El Neoray


ONIO at R.U.A. Festival in Amsterdam




A participative performance
by Agnes Schneidewind and SFUN

Jazz ‘n Trash – Road to enlightenment
It’s a balls stall where you can SMASH stuff
Bring your breakables!

▲ 27/06 – 19u: GRAND OPENING
∘ Drinks & food
∘ Live jazz music by “Stone Tree” (Egon Loosveldt, Vincent Brijs en Edmund Lauret)
∘ and a lot of smashing (S)FUN

Hosted by: Svenstone the funky Ghostbuster and Gilles Jules Torfs aka Epik Schmepik

▲ 28/06 – 13u – 19u: ZEN exhibition + destruction sculpture workshop.










OUT NOW!! – Internal ☼ Sun – Grid Calcination – Live videoclip

One of our first projects with our newborn organization has turned out to be a great success!

This videoclip represents the total picture of Internal Sun: live electronic music combined with live visuals.

Internal Sun is the audiovisual project of Antwerp based duo Andrew ‘Chi’ Claes & VJ Natché; covering their joint output of live performances, tracks, remixes, artwork.                         In march 2013 they released their first EP. Internal Sun on Bandcamp

This project couldn’t have been realized without the big support of team awesome:

Simon De Graef - all around cameraman and the perfect editor

Laurens Van Hove – boss director

Jasper Vanhalle – technical hero

Jeroen Jullet - is the brain behind the epileptic cutting during editing


SUBBACULTCHA! asked us to write a feature about an artist for their Cocoon-issue. We chose  MAUD VAN HAEGENBORGH, a young and innovating artist from Antwerp.

“This young and talented image maker is always searching for a balance between the  heaviness of existence and the lightness she would like to experience.

In her work you can find a confrontation between heavily loaded extremes which she tries to alleviate trough humor and absurdity.

Her recent work If you saw the things through my eyes you’d finally understand all the bullshit I’m so desperately trying to explain” are filmstills of her interventions in the public space. With “The fortress of descent” she attempted to create the space itself. This artwork is used by those in need.”


Live videoclip Internal Sun: coming up!

On a cold decembernight the shooting of the new live videoclip of Internal Sun has come true. The realization of this awesome project is a collaboration between Internal Sun, Laurens Van Hove, Jasper Vanhalle and Simon De Graef.

The release of this audio visual diamond will be announced soon!

Internal Sun live videoclip

Internal Sun is the audiovisual project of Antwerp based duo Andrew ‘Chi’ Claes & VJ Natché; covering their joint output of live performances, tracks, remixes, artwork. In march 2013 they released their first EP. Internal Sun on Bandcamp

Having teamed up for the first time investigating cymatics – the study of visible sound and vibration – is exemplary of a distinguished Internal Sun esthetic: organic, fickle and visceral. Live, Internal Sun delivers an impressive and contemplative performance including electronic instruments, modular software and visuals. Bringing their own highly personal and largely improvised take on the Warp back catalogue and its pioneering sound of hi-tech jazz, the cinematic live acts of Nosaj Thing & Amon Tobin and the Flying Lotus brand of instrumental hiphop.

On stage woodwind player Andrew ‘Chi’ (BRZZVLL, Stuff., ….) makes use of an EWI (electronic wind instrument) which controls various synth modules, alongside a handsonic percussion controller and several custom software patches. Broodingly dark yet melodious, Andrew layers themes on top of looped bass and beat sliced percussion, with VJ Natché complementing his improvisations visually, displaying a distinct mixture of seamlessly superimposed and processed vector art, warped VJ loops and streamlined fractal patterns.

Check their latest videoclip:

First project: THE NIGHTWATCH

The Nightwatch stands for naughty, slightly anarchistic but always artistic intervention in the public space. In their first group exhibition at époque (from 12.10.2013 until 25.10.2013) they will show new work in the proverbial lion’s den. Right underneath that institute of public order, the Antwerp City Hall.

‘There is no harm in repeating a good thing.’ (Plato)

‘I like your work.’ (Vandal Squad, NY)

Schermafbeelding 2013-09-30 om 16.17.13 geeler 2 thenightwatchvernissage-28 thenightwatchvernissage-4

Hello world!

KOP is a nonprofit organization that supports artists from all disciplines. Our mission is to support artists in the presentation and the realization of their projects. We believe no idea or project is impossible and we try to prove this by starting collaborations with other organizations and artists to make it happen. We create a businesslike field to organize everything in a professional way.

Joesra Meeusen and Daniela Castro Ramirez are the founders of KOP. After organizing     several cultural events we think it’s time to go bigger and better!